Here's the thing.
There are billions of people in this world, but each person is living their own unique story.

Our passion is to capture and tell your story.
Because no one else on this earth has one like it.

--Available worldwide--

Rosemill Media is a Photography Cinematography company run by a married couple based in Columbus, Ohio.
If you've ever wished to relive a moment over again, we could be the ones to make that happen.
We steer away from traditionally posed photos and aim to capture those truly authentic moments of value.
The laughs, the tears, the way someone's face lights up when they look at you.
It's the beauty in genuine emotion and real life that can be the most precious to look back on.
We're always down for an adventure, even if it means getting down in the dirt or knee-deep in a river,
sessions with us are more than just snapping a good photo: it's an experience.
So let's have some fun together!


JUST TWO HUMAN BEINGS WITH An insane PASSION FOR visual storytelling.

Hi there, we're Chanel and Tyler,
thanks for taking the time to get to know us!
We're a creative married couple that reside in Columbus, Ohio and share a mutual obsession for the art of digital media.

Along with Tyler's many years of hands-on experience, he has a degree in Digital Design with a focus on Photography and Branding. Tyler is also a spirited alchemist of sounds, going by the alias 'Terra Torus'. He has three self-released albums, the most recent of which "Northwest" is showcased on Spotify and iTunes. The rest of his music can be found at www.terratorus.com.

Chanel is a born creator, having expanded her knowledge in Photography and Videography through in-school programs and many years of firsthand experience. She also had the amazing privilege of learning hands-on from some of the most incredibly talented and well-known photographers at an Alpine Northwest Photography Workshop in January 2018. She also has a deep passion for empowering women through connection and creativity, working with companies such as Wild Woman Retreats to capture as well as remind women of the powerful, beautiful beings they truly are through their experience with her.
 Her one true love besides Tyler is telling a story whether it's through the intricate beauty of words or visual media.

Together we love traveling, coffee, late-night snacking, being outdoors, playing with our fur baby and watching
The Office and Game of Thrones!




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