One of my favourite things about meeting new couples are the love stories we get to hear. These two share the modern day tale of a long distance relationship and that is something Tyler and I can truly empathize with. Stephen had only just proposed to Megan within the week at Hocking Hills, Ohio and we were delighted to be able to share in the little time they had left together before they had to separate once more. We were intrigued to learn that Megan is an incredible artist (check out her artwork here) and Stephen, a poet. It's a profoundly beautiful thing when two creative souls come together. The support and love they have for one another were genuinely felt, and I was reminded of how love is so powerful, it can defy distance. Throughout our Darby Creek engagement session, we shared many laughs, had the privilege of witnessing a family of deer grazing in the forest (which we luckily captured in the video) and chased the sunset until it was nothing but a mere glow of orange peeking through the trees.