I took a solo roadtrip out to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to visit this goddess and share in some adventures. I had the opportunity to help her forge for ghost pipe to create tinctures with for her business Luna Faun Botanicals which, despite getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, was quite the enlightening experience. We tread lightly through the forest, keeping our eyes peeled for these magical, translucent plants peeking out from the earth, picking off each stem with intention and gratitude and always making sure to leave at least 10% behind. On my last day there, we dolled ourselves up and set out to chase the sun up a mountain in Berkshire County. These enchanting photos of Sahar are a result of that journey. The view was so breathtaking, I was literally left breathless until the last beam of light disappeared behind the mountains in the distance. I felt very blessed to have witnessed such beauty and to have been able to encapsulate it in these portraits. The last two photos of this session are of Sahar holding St. John's Wort which is an alluring small flower that can be used to treat depression.