I, Chanel, met Carly 7 years ago, when I got my first job serving at this bar called Outlaws Roadhouse located in Edmonton, Alberta.
It was both our first day on the job, and Carly and I were only ones serving.
Neither of us had prior waitressing experience, but we had each others backs, and pulled it off like pros!
We became good friends ever since that day.
I think it's imperative to note this girl could pull off daisy dukes and cowgirl boots like no other! 
One day, Jared became a customer at Outlaws... and the rest is history.
I remember the classic girls bathroom conversations we had about Jared,
so it was seriously a blast to spend a day capturing their love all of these years later!
We went to the Edmonton River Valley for our session and
Carly even decided to rock some cowgirl boots just like the Roadhouse babe I've always known her to be. 
I truly adore witnessing these amazing women who have blessed me with their friendship find the love they absolutely deserve in life.
I think it's safe to say these two would make anyone's heart melt.

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