To say we adored this session is an understatement.
We had many extensive days of gloomy, rainy weather before this photo shoot happened. The morning of the shoot, the sky was covered in a plethora of gray. Yet right before the session, the sky miraculously cleared up, until all that was left was a vast canvas of blue and sunshine. It felt like a sign. Not to mention the fact that this stunning mother-to-be walked around barefoot in Galloway, Ohio for two hours straight, even making her way through thickets and grass fields all the while carrying an incredibly active baby and still managing to look like the goddess she is. This mama was up for anything and we had a blast!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the confidence this beauty had to not only bare her skin to the cold weather but to the camera as well! When making sure she was comfortable capturing these particular shots in the area that we were in, she reassured us by saying, "It's legal for women to be topless in Columbus!" I love it.

The sunset was gorgeous but she definitely stole the show.