This gallery is a very special one for me. I did this session when I was visiting my mother and step-father in Jalisco, Mexico. The absolute depth of their love and friendship was my constant inspiration throughout the years. From being a teenager and witnessing them snog in the kitchen as though they were just a couple of kids in love, to fulfilling their retirement dreams in Lake Chapala, Mexico together. They’ve worked so hard all of their lives, raised and supported their children and continue to do so. They have have explored the world and continue to embark on new and exciting adventures together. To see them so happy just fills up my heart so much it could burst. I was blessed in life to grow up witnessing the most genuine kind of love and companionship between them and I feel just as blessed to have had the opportunity to capture it. It’s important for a daughter to see her mother being treated with respect, support and care from their partner in life. Sometimes love just blooms when you least expect it and your life fills out in a way you never knew it could. Guy not only brought the BEST Dad jokes into our lives, but also gave me two amazing siblings who I am so incredibly grateful for. Photography has given me a window into the souls of those I love most and I couldn’t be more overjoyed to share these moments. I definitely cried while editing this session, and I can only hope everyone in the world gets to experience this kind of unconditional love in their life.

There was a beautiful pitbull named Koby who was living on the property where we were staying and he eagerly joined in for some photo fun as well! I still cannot get over his ADORABLE smile.
(I definitely fed him a lot of steak during my stay.)